Commercials 2010 / by Lizzy Pinckney

Yahoo and I have a very devoted relationship.
Today they showed the best commercials of 2010.
I luh me some good videography. 

My Favorite: 
This will blow your mind.
Whoever thought of the idea for this is sheer brilliant.

In the words of Knives Chau, "It's aaaamazing"

Now, this is little bit sad. However, I really like this one, not because his expression is a dead give away away that cheated on his wife, 
but because of its simplicity.
Reasons I like it:
Black & white
Flashes and fuzz at the end
The voice is his father.

Conan & India = Love

Hilarious. That's all.

I wish someone would make my favorite Veronica Mars episode.
What's that? You've never seen it?? WATCH IT.