Stef / by Lizzy Pinckney

Some of these are for a final project. 
But mostly, I just like them.
Here's the grown up version of Stef. She's pretty hot! I know.
Ok, fine. I feel like maybe I should just explain my project.
My theme is "Pet Peeves"
To begin, my first pet peeve is having no one to cuddle with when I sleep. My room is awfully cold.
Or, waking up and realizing that my bed is far too big for just one person. And then I just want a hubby.
To heck with it, I use every square inch of my bed!
Can I please just have a husband to nuzzle with in the night?
 Wind. I do NOT love it. 
I hate when you're wearing lip gloss and the wind is blowing and your hair gets stuck to your lips.
Nothing could be worse.

I hate when people drink from the carton. Especially when they're sick.
Or when my sister is sick, takes the carton, and then doesn't even finish what's in the carton.
Everyone loses, Kenz!
 I don't like when people slurp their food.
I love doing it. It's the sound of annoyance that I love, when I'm the person doing it, that is.
I am also quite fond of blowing bubbles in my chocolate milk.
You could call me a hypocrite. That'd be fine.