Beatrix Potter Festival / by Lizzy Pinckney

My mom works at an antique shop in American Fork called Star Mill, you may have heard of it. She puts together cute events every so often, and this is one of them. A Beatrix Potter Festival, and if you don't know who that is, shame on you (she wrote Peter Rabbit). This event will be lots of fun! There will be a flea market where you can purchase fancy, whimsical items from various sellers, garden tours with AWESOME gardens that you will die when you see, my sister is dressing up as Beatrix Potter and telling stories to the little ones, a movie showing of Miss Potter, I will be there to do a photo booth, and of course, there will be prizes! You'll love it. Star Mill will knock your socks off. So come and have fun! If you want more info, just send me an email or text, or even comment this post! Hope to see you all there!
If I could make posters for a living, it would make me so happy.