California On / by Lizzy Pinckney

I went to San Clemente earlier this month to go to the Marine Corps Ball, and I forgot to post these.

 There was a really big cross
 Not the proper beach attire... But this seaweed was fascinating.
 Lobsta killa. No, it was already dead. I just found it's skeleton. I don't even like lobster, come on.

 We definitely broke all the rules on the "do not" sign, before actually seeing the sign. Lots of disturbed sea life. I'm sorry...

 I whipped my hair back and forth.
enormous orange rocks? check.

 This was my amazing hotel view. Just really, really beautiful:
 Lots of guys dressed like this. And there was the "try to find your date" game. Not the most fun game I've ever played.
 This is my "I'm on the beach... Whatever" face.
 Seeing the word "Laguna" quickly brought me back to junior high when I watched that show 24-7.
 I ate on the pier. It was great. Go to this place if you can, but don't get the turkey burger if you don't know what a turkey burger is. Because they will swindle you. They'll give you a burger wrapped in lettuce with fake cheese. So maybe learn what a low carb turkey burger is before ordering one.

 There were surfer deeeeeeds. A lot of them! They will stop at nothing.